Marylebone Farmers’ Market


St Vincent St and Aybrook St, London W1U 4DF

Featured stalls:

Potato Shop

With a great range of 20+ heritage and more well-known potatoes grown on their farm, they will be able to give you expert tasting notes and cooking advice on how to get the best out of their spuds. For every cooking style or cuisine, there is usually a particular potato which is especially well-suited.

Chegworth Valley

Offer an impressive range of top and soft fruit, but they are best known for their fantastic apples and pears. Their fruit is juiced on the farm to create a fabulous range of fruit juices, and minimising environmental impact is a priority.

Wild Country Organics

Run by Dr Adrian Izzard, who pioneered growing organic vegetables in glasshouses without heating. In the summer, they produce organic tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, leafy veg, herbs and salad leaves. In winter it’s rocket, pak choi, celery, mustard greens, various herbs; coriander, sorrel, parsley, land cress, etc.

Akiki Organics

Farming to Demeter standards, food is produced unadulterated without additives, solvents or irradiation. Additionally, the products are farmed biodynamically, with minimum intervention and the farm restricts waste.

Bread Bread Ltd

This bakery specialises in long fermentation sourdough bread with flavours that are enhanced by the use of organic and stone-ground flours, sourced from Cann Mills in Dorset and Shipton Mill.


Opened since:

June 2003


Sunday 10am - 2pm