Parliament Hill Farmers’ Market


William Ellis School, Highgate Road, NW5 1RN

Featured stalls:

Bradfield Farm Dairy

Bradfields Farm Dairy has been milking cows for three generations from their family farm, barely 20 miles from the M25 in Essex. The new dairy now produces a range of milks, creams, yoghurts and cheese. Their real fresh milk is produced in a traditional way so that you get a lovely head of cream on the top of your pint. Keen environmentalists they are bringing reusable glass bottles back to market in a bid to reduce plastic waste, you will be able to fill your own bottles at some markets.

Wild Country Organics

Run by Dr Adrian Izzard, who pioneered growing organic vegetables in glasshouses without heating. In the summer, they produce organic tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, leafy veg, herbs and salad leaves. In winter it’s rocket, pak choi, celery, mustard greens, various herbs; coriander, sorrel, parsley, land cress, etc.

The Tomato Stall

heirlooms and super-sweet mini tomato varieties and bring them direct from the glasshouses to the Farmers’ Market, often arriving with fruit that was picked just the day before. Tomatoes are allowed to fully ripen on the vine, allowing the natural sugars to develop and maximising flavour.

North Sea Seafood

Lukasz and his partner learnt their trade from David and Sylvia Jennings, taking over from them when the Jennings retired from our markets. They're a fixture at markets including Islington and Pimlico and their brown shrimps, crabs, lobster and smoked mackerel are legendary. They work with a small fleet of day boats in Wells on the North Norfolk coast.

Brambletye Fruit Farm

Fruit is grown to biodynamic principles - meaning that the farm is a closed system, all farm outputs being fed back into the farming process. Eggs are laid by some of the most curious and free ranging hens we've ever seen. The orchard produce some truly fabulous apples, some of which are crushed into apple juice that is sold fresh and unpasteurised. Look out for seasonal berries, currants, pears and more.

With a strong emphasis on high-quality basics, the Parliament Hill Farmers' Market is a regular feature at the William Ellis school every Saturday. The dog park is, easily, the most instagrammed part of the farmers' market. They’re right there on Hampstead Heath. Most come in before or after jogging or walking the dog. Regulars make a bee line for their favourite stalls including Five Ways Fruit Farm for asparagus and soft fruit, Levain Bakery for lovely sour dough bread, the Potato Shop for their range of spuds, and Brambletye for biodynamic eggs, juice, fruit and veg. There's also free range eggs sold loose from Fosse, organic veg from Wild Country Organics, Isle of Wight tomatoes from the Tomato Stall and more.


Opened since:

September 2008


Saturday 10 am - 2 pm